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Couples Therapy

Every couple is different. Campbell uses the Gottman Method couples therapy, which is based on the 40 years of research on couples relationships by John Gottman and his colleagues, at the University of Washington in Seattle. The Gottman Method uses interventions that address particular issues, such as communication problems, and resolving long standing conflicts.

There are two parts to couples therapy, starting with assessment interviews and completion of online psychometric testing, and then moving to couples therapy sessions.

Why a couple might come for therapy:

  • Communication problems

  • Conflict

  • Aftermath of an affair

  • Dealing with complexities of blended families

Option 1

Assessment then weekly of fortnightly couples therapy sessions of 90 minutes.

Option 2

Assessment followed by two full consecutive days of therapy to deal with particular critical issues which have created a bottle neck in the relationship.

Many couples who have experienced this option to begin their therapy journey found it to be transformational.

The Two Day Couples Intensive can be helpful for couples who are time poor. It is also helpful for couples who don’t live in the Southern Highlands but wish to work with Campbell.

The Two Day Couples Intensive is followed up by weekly or fortnightly 90 minute sessions.

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